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ILUMA for Teams

One centralized platform to manage your open data & communications

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Summarize key data across tools

Stay up-to-date on your organization’s most important meetings & instantly catch up with your team's important discussions with GPT-powered summaries of Discord/Slack channels & meetings call recordings.

Channel Summaries
Thread Summaries
Call Summaries

Get instant answers to all your questions

Turn your team's collective knowledge & data into a ChatGPT-like bot (for Discord & Slack). ILUMA makes it easy for your team to find the answers they need to move fast - just type as if you would talk, and the ILUMA AI bot surfaces the most relevant information from across your entire team data.

Cross-app Search
Natural Language
Automated Training
Superhuman inbox

Make your AI insights a strategic advantage

ILUMA's Dashboard aggregates data on voting, proposals, conversations and member engagement, so you can better understand what’s happening across your team on a daily basis, make informed decisions, and take action.

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Sentiment Analysis
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Connect with your community where they are
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Join our Community

Become part of the ILUMA community and keep a close eye on early product releases, upcoming NFT collections for early-adopters and power-users, and get all of your questions answered on Discord!

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