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ILUMA is organized into 3 main views that enable you to understand and take action on your community data—Feed, Integrations, and Dashboard. This includes signing up to receive customizable AI-generated email digests, setting up real-time SMS/DM notifications, and get GPT-powered summaries of channel discussions, meetings, and shared links from the ILUMA bot on Discord to stay up-to-date on everything that's happening across your community.

AI Feed

ILUMA's 'Superhuman' Feed provides a quick way to discover the most important insights & messages happening across the different communities you belong to & the platforms you use.

By default the feed displays insights for the last X days. You have the option to select other timeframes or search by specific keywords/topics. You can also filter insights by community (Discord server) or by our app integrations (Twitter - more coming soon!).


There are also 8 tags on the Feed: questions asked by the community, direct mentions, DMs, messages from members whose activity you want to follow, messages that contains opportunities such as events, jobs, projects, partnerships, ILUMA's GPT-powered TLDRs, messages that started high activity or chatter on your server, and messages identified by ILUMA AI as relevant. This includes long-form messages, messages with links, tagging @everyone, and with 15+ reactions.


Integrations are how ILUMA brings together the most important data and insights from all the platforms where your community members interact with your organization. 

Screenshot 2023-02-20 at 21.32.39.png

Start by connecting the Discord servers you're an admin of and/or a member of (if the ILUMA bot is already installed in that server), or adding one of our app integrations such as Twitter. Integrations with Slack, Telegram, Farcaster & Notion coming soon!


Notifications enable you to stay on top of what's happening with your community. You can view and manage all of your notifications from your Integrations Settings. Your settings is also where you can choose if you would like to receive your notifications via email, SMS or as a direct message on Discord from the ILUMA bot.

Discord Server Notifications
  • Get pinged each time someone @mentions you on Discord.

  • Get AI-generated daily, weekly and monthly digests of the most important activity happening across the community.

  • Create your own Member Following List to prioritize the messages questions, and shared opportunities you see in your ILUMA Feed.

Twitter Notifications
Screenshot 2023-02-20 at 22.32.29.png
  • Stay up to date on all Twitter mentions, replies, retweets, and opportunities shared for the handles that are important to you.

  • Track conversations around the topics/keywords you care about.

  • Get timeline TLDRs of the topics you care about directly to your inbox.


The Dashboard allows you to understand and measure the engagement and growth of your community. In this view you can filter each metric by: app integrations, date, and Discord channel(s). 

ILUMA_Word Cloud

Your community at a glance: see the number of new members joining your community, the messages and questions your members have asked. You can also track active proposals, if your community uses them to vote on motions.  

Trending Topics: see what your members are talking about and the topics generating the most conversations across your community server.

Highest Contributors: see who is the most active in your community server, and where your members interact with each other most. 

Popular messages: see the posts that had the most reactions from the community. 

Welcome to ILUMA!

The GPT-powered 'Superhuman' for your organization

Leverage ILUMA’s AI-powered software to get a curated feed of the most critical insights and key information from conversations, meetings, and documentation shared across your organization and tech stack. 

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