The 'Superhuman' for Discord & Web3

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Increase your contributions and participation in any DAO by finding important and relevant information fast and easy. 

Capture and leverage critical DAO and member data to grow faster, and smarter.

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"Superhuman" inbox

Available for DAO Members and DAO Builders. The inbox view allows you to stay up-to-date on DAO related information and increase your contributions. The fully customizable inbox brings all messages to one organized and easily-accessible place.  

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Member and Builder dashboards 

Provides members and leaders with the information needed to better understand what’s happening in the DAO on a daily basis to contribute and make informed decisions.

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AI Assistant 
& smart flows 

Provide instant answers about your DAO through natural conversations with Iluma's AI Assistant. Guide new members through clean, step-by-step onboarding and send survey's to capture key data. 

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Your community is the future of your decentralized network.

ILUMA is building the autonomous solution to onboard, manage, engage and support the next 1M DAO communities in web3


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